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An “easy to read” book containing practical, very down to earth, invaluable personal advice for students, written from the author’s experience in conversational style.  Pearly Chai, Senior Teacher, Punggol Primary School, Singapore

An engaging book. It contains simple and yet powerful principles that will impact the reader. This book also provides reader with avenues for self-reflection.  Elizabeth Chan, Principal, Rosyth School, Singapore

“15 Forgotten Secrets That Will Make You A Better Student” is a timely publication relevant at a time of uncertainty and of shifting values. It is indeed a collection of knowledge and wisdom of the author. I am confident that the 15 forgotten secrets revealed in this book would certainly make you a better student not just in academic pursuit but also in character building. It is a must-read book for all students and even adult learners.  Lim Lai Chuan, Principal, North Vista Secondary School, Singapore

Jonathan shares his experience in a very concise and practical guide for all students. A must-read book especially for those who are looking for a systematic way to help them in studying effectively and efficiently. The Learning Point and Immediate Action segments at the end of each chapter give the reader the opportunity to interact with the lessons learnt and putting them into actions.   William Lee, Lecturer, Ngee Ann Polytechnic

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Jonathan Ooi


ISBN-10: 981-05-3673-9   /   ISBN-13:978-981-05-3673-2


Soft cover  211mm X 148 mm - 96 pages

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