“15 Forgotten Secrets That Will Make You A Better Student” teaches students and teens the basic values and principles to build a strong foundation that will help them get through life's difficult challenges, as they are facing tough issues and making life-changing decisions everyday. Jonathan has succeeded in creating an easy-to- understand guidebook for students and teens which will help them to improve their self-image and prepare them for the 'game of life'. This book is also recommended for those who coach and are in constant contact with young people.   Pauline Lim, Lawyer and a Mother

“15 Forgotten Secrets That Will Make You A Better Student” is a book that should be read not only by those who are in school but by everyone because we will always be students, learning in this big school called life. Jonathan points out important values and lessons that we as busy people tend to overlook.  These basic secrets should be the foundation of our constant quest for knowledge and wisdom.   Maita Crowe, Global Commodity Director and Mother of three, Scotland

Wow! What an amazing book! It is easy to read. I enjoy reading every word of it. It contains profound principles presented in a simple manner with wisdom. I encourage you to read this book many times as what I have done. It will change your life.   Luiza-Maria Bumbu, English Teacher and Yoga Practiser, Bucarest, Romania

This easy-to-read book illustrates many effective timeless life principles for students and adults alike. Buying this book is a small investment but gaining wisdom is priceless.   Amos Chan, Entrepreneur

Don't be fooled by the simplicity of the language and the look of this book. It is an excellent concise guide to the WHY and HOW of excelling in the journey of self-driven learning, not just scoring well in school grades. This book is not to be just read passively but you should reflect and apply the principles immediately as you finish each chapter! I dare you to Just Do It!     Larry Tan, Business Coach and Author of e-books

Jonathan, you have done a great job! This is a great book! I am confident that this book will help students learn how to avoid the pitfalls of “learning the hard way” while pursuing their dream lifestyle. It will help to build a powerful and successful new generation. I strongly recommend this book to parents. Read it together with your children and immediately apply what has been learnt. I have done it myself!   Fariza A Jalil,  International Business Networker and Mother of four, Malaysia

I enjoyed reading this book that is easy to read and very down to earth. I believe "15 Forgotten Secrets That Will Make You A Better Student" is not only for students but also for everyone who wants success in life. The book dwells on the basic principles of life that we sometimes forget and or take for granted. May this book transform the reader to live a life of righteousness. This is indeed a book of exceptional wisdomElizabeth Chin, Executive Director, Singapore Industrial Automation Association

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