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Brahmi-Bacopa Extract

Made in Singapore. GMP Manufacturer. Halal-certified. Vegetable Capsules. No Preservatives.

A brain tonic for students, professionals, executives and those who want to maintain  good learning and memory functions. A gospel for parents who want their children to stay ahead in their studies and adults who want to achieve remarkable success at work. Naturo® Brain-Health helps with concentration, learning functions and memory recall.


RECOMMENDED DOSAGE: For better results, take one capsule of Naturo® Brain-Health two times a day (best taken after food) for a continuous period of six months. Subsequently, reduce to one capsule a day.


"I have always been an under-achiever. It was hard for me to memorise and remember most of the things I learnt in school. My grades were terrible. But within a month of taking Brain-Health, I could easily memorise and recall six chapters of my course materials in one go. I start scoring 'A' for my tests and exams instead of 'C' and 'D'. Also, when I do my revision,  I can concentrate much better and absorb the information more quickly while in the past, I had to spend long hours doing it. I have also become more confident. Therefore, I strongly recommend Brain-Health to any student who wants to improve their studies and grades."  ~ An ITE student, Singapore, 21 April 2012

Brahmi - The Brain Herb Gaining Attention

In a rapidly developing, fast changing and constantly moving society, the search for an edge over others whether in schools or at workplaces is of great significance and priority. Most of the jobs need high concentration and memory. Whether you are a student, a professional, or an elderly, Brahmi boasts a variety of brain-enhancing effects for increased performance. In an increasingly competitive world, Brahmi is certainly instrumental in providing that edge for excellence in performance beyond expectations.

Brahmi (a.k.a Bacopa Monnieri) is a herb that has a long and rich history and has been traditionally used for thousands of years in Indian "Ayurvedic" medicine as a brain tonic to improve brain functions. It boosts one's ability to think and reason. Brahmi has gained more scientific support for its beneficial effects on brain and learning. 

Some HEALTH BENEFITS of Brahmi (Bacopa Monnieri):

Scientific studies have found two active ingredients in Brahmi, known as Bacoside A and Bacoside B. Both the Bacosides are the key elements that help increase the protein synthesis in order to develop more protein within the brain cells. As a result, it helps with the improvement of memory and concentration. In fact, Brahmi has many other health benefits:

  • Helps with managing stress and anxiety while providing positive benefits in learning and memory,

  • Aids neuron repair, supports new neuron growth and regulates memory processes,

  • Revitalises the nerves within the brain and hence improves both the brain and nerve functions,

  • Maintains good circulatory flow to the brain,

  • Has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties and hence used for inflammation of joints and skin problems, lowering of fever and even removing toxins from the body,

  • Is known to help with diseases related to brain deterioration and mental problems

Naturo Brain-Health® Brahmi-Bacopa Extract is made of high quality natural ingredients specially formulated for their effectiveness in managing the negative effects of stress, anxiety and depression while providing positive effects on learning, memory and recall. Made in Singapore. GMP Manufacturer. Halal-certified. Vegetable Capsules.

Brain-Health (Brahmi Extract) Singapore International
One bottle (60 capsules):




One bottle (60 capsules):




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