A NOTE OF INTEGRITY : If you are an MLMer, take heart that the author DOES NOT use this book as a means of recruitment/poaching of your downlines. No MLM company name is mentioned or implied in this book. The book is intended as a prospecting tool for networkers of any MLM company.


This book contains a set of very useful and relevant information specially put together to enable you to make a very important decision in your life today. The decision you make today is going to mark a turning point in your life. Today is going to be the first day of the rest of your life.

The ideas presented in this book when correctly understood and properly implemented, will drive you towards your goals of financial freedom, time freedom, mental stress freedom and lifestyle freedom. In life, we have many dreams and desires. All these need money to fulfill them. So, we need to make money. There are many ways of making money. The best way to make money is one that is legal, moral, ethical and yet productive. Make as much money as soon as possible.

Life would be more purpose-driven if we were guided by goals. Most people would like to achieve the goals of financial freedom, time freedom, mental stress freedom and lifestyle freedom. To achieve these goals, we need to have residual income, not the linear one. The simplest way to earn residual income for most people is to be a business owner. The most hassle free and cheapest way to be a business owner is to build a network marketing business.

This book explains network marketing in a clear and concise manner to dispel the general misconceptions that one needs to sell the products and that one needs to know many people in order to succeed in this business. In fact, today, network marketers, according to Prof Charles King, are considered The New Professionals. This book also explains how a network could be built using the concept of leverage and duplication.


A Gospel for all Network Marketers who have been constantly slapped right on their face by their prospects with this fatal rejection called "I Don't Like MLM!". A special antidote to this rejection is found in this book "I Don't Like MLM!". This book is very easy to read, light enough to be comfortably held with one palm when reading and small enough to be laid away in the handbag while commuting!

This book is written from the perspective of an MLM practitioner, to help reader understand MLM with an objective and balanced perspective. The useful and relevant information in this book is largely derived from the contents of the author's business seminars that many have attended. The information presented has helped many sceptics of MLM to understand MLM correctly, accept it and embrace it as a simple and yet powerful business vehicle to achieve their goals of financial and time freedom.

This book is also intended as a prospecting tool for the network marketing professionals. MLM leaders would normally purchase the book in bulk, give away to their associates for self-improvement reading and to their deserving prospects to improve their closing ratio. At page 57 of the book, the reader would be encouraged to get in touch with the person who passed him/her this book. So, remember to stamp your name and contacts in the box provided there.

The back cover of the book carries "A Written Confession" of Andy Mak L M, an ex-sceptic of MLM. Many readers have found this story inspiring and enlightening. In Andy's confession, he realised that actually, life is full of MLMs - There are 22 meanings of MLM such as Make Life Meaningful, Make Life Miserable, Make Lots of Money, Make Little Money and more...........

The author has also designed a revolutionary MLM CARô (Company Analysis & Review) conceptual model to help reader understand how to qualitatively select a network marketing company to start building his/her network business.

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Jonathan Ooi


ISBN-10: 981-05-4048-5  /  ISBN-13: 978-981-05-4048-7


Soft cover  177mm X 126 mm - 60 pages

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