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Pure Natural Diuretic Tea (18g)

Uric Acid? Gout? Water Retention? Foamy Urine?

Naturo Kidney-Tea - Pure Natural Diuretic Tea is made from natural rainforest wild fruits. It is extracted and processed with advanced bio-technology in Singapore. It is rich in nutrients essential for the normal functioning of kidneys. Its diuretic effect helps to cleanse the urinary system (kidney, ureter and bladder) and reduce toxicities, foamy urine, calcium oxalate, crystals, calculi, stones and uric acid. It also helps to reduce creatinine and night urination.

Each bottle contains 100% processed natural Rainforest Chebulic Myrobalan powder.


  • Adult - one spoon full (0.3g) in 500ml of water ( a spoon is provided)

  • Children above 2 years - half a spoon (0.15g)

  • Add in 500ml of hot boiling water, simmer for 5 minutes and then drink it when it is warm. The residue can be eaten or discarded.

  • Best taken anytime before or after meals but separate by 2 hours from doctor's prescribed medicines.

  • For health maintenance - 2 to 3 times a week

  • For light treatment - 1 time a day for 1 month to 3 months, then reduce to health maintenance dosage

  • For serious treatment - 2 times a day for 1 month to 3 months, then reduce to light dosage.

CAUTION: This is a traditional natural food. Please consult doctor if symptoms persist. Pregnant and lactating women should consult a doctor before taking. Keep out of reach of children.

HEALTH TIPS: Do not drink carbonated drinks. Refrain from eating oily, deep-fried food, non-dairy creamer, snacks and peanuts. Eat less meat but take more fruits and vegetables.

全然肾脏保健 - 纯天然化石肾茶


全然肾脏保健 - 纯天然化石肾茶是采用安全有效的天然植物野果实以先进科技于新加坡精心配制而成。其味微酸涩,归肾肝经。

它富有补充营养有助于保护肾脏的健康。它能利尿洁净泌尿系统(肾脏, 输尿管, 膀胱尿道等)以排除代谢产物毒素, 泡沫尿(例如:草酸钙, 磷酸钙, 尿酸, 磷酸镁铵, 胱氨酸, 蛋白质等; 晶体,微结石, 结石等)。它也有助于排除尿酸水肿,减轻痛风,降低肌酸肝,降低血糖,减少夜尿。它不寒不燥热,也无副作用。  


服法: 成人每次一小匙大约0.3g,儿童两岁以上即可服用半小匙约0.15g. 加入500毫升热开水,五分钟后当温水喝。余剩的渣吃也可不吃也行。饭前饭后都可喝,但隔中西药两小时。

  • 重者: 每天两次, 连续喝一个月至三个月, 之后喝轻者量。

  • 轻者: 每天一次, 连续喝一个月至三个月, 之后喝保健量。

  • 保健者: 每星期喝二至三次即可。


保健知识:尽量避免烟酒, 油腻煎炸食物和汽水花生零食。严重肾病者尽量减少肉类和蛋白质。  

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One bottle (18 gram): 



One bottle (18 gram): 



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