Naturo® Quit Smoking Wristband

The wristband uses electro-acupuncture technology to help a smoker quit smoking gradually and without putting on weight!

It is a French product invented by Dr. Pierre Vu Dinh after four years of scientific research and is based on the age-old traditional acupuncture principles.

It was discovered that acupuncture points can be stimulated effectively by using minute electrical impulses instead of needles. By stimulating the different acupuncture points on the wrist, it is able to regulate the energy flow, improve blood circulation and enhance functions of specific organs such as lung, gastro-intestines and kidney, thereby reducing cigarette consumption gradually and naturally!

It is easy to use. Just wear it like a wristwatch on the right hand wrist. Whenever a smoker feels like smoking, he just needs to activate the snap button on the side of the device.


Naturo® Quit Smoking Wristband gives off tiny electrical impulses (which are specifically programmed and completely safe) on the inside of the right wrist which stimulate the acupuncture points used to control the desire to smoke and reduce the nervous tension caused by the quit-smoking process in particular the urge to eat. Thus, it helps to reduce smoking without putting on weight!

The stimulation is programmed to operate for two minutes, which is sufficient for the stimulation to be effective, after which it will stop automatically. Smokers can activate the device as often as required during the day and it does not cause any side effects regardless of the duration and frequency of use.


Scientific research indicated that the decrease in cigarettes consumption was gradual yet significant:

  • 50% Quit Smoking Completely within 90 days
  • 87% Reduce Smoking Significantly within 90 days

No particular maintenance is required. However, do not wet it as it is not waterproof. Just replace the two lithium batteries every 1 to 2 years depending on usage.

NOW, it is offered at SGD$198 (USD$178). It comes with a handy carrying pouch, two pieces of spare lithium batteries, operating manual and a one-year product warranty card.

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Price : SGD$198 per unit Price : USD$178 per unit


“Naturo® Quit Smoking wristband makes weaning easier”

“My children and husband didn’t like me smoking. I had tried patches without success. In the first few days, whenever I felt like a cigarette, I gave myself an electro-acupuncture session. It relaxed me. I gave up smoking completely in the space of 3 weeks.”

Aude De Rose (France)

“Naturo® Quit Smoking wristband paid back by my bet”

"I won my bet that I would stop smoking. I bet a colleague 100Euro and it paid me back. I had been smoking up to 30 cigarettes a day for 15 years. I used the wristband about fifteen times a day. It helped me to relax while I was giving up."

Philippe Bernudes (France)

“No weight gain.”

"“I went from 40 cigarettes a day to less than 10 in two weeks. I felt a difference straight away. I had already tried to stop smoking several times, but this time I succeeded. Thanks to the Naturo® Quit Smoking wristband and I didn’t even put on weight.”

Aude De Rose (France)

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