Established since 1997, LIFEPLUS International is an organisation that constantly finds different ways to add values to people's lives.

It adds values through helping, motivating and challenging both adults and children so that they can, and they will perform to their fullest potential especially in a world that is rapidly changing and of shifting values. 

The Motivational Talk ... 

One of the programmes proven to be unique and effective in motivating and challenging students primary and secondary schools, to perform to their fullest potential is the special motivational talk conducted by Jonathan Ooi, our Principal Consultant cum Trainer who has been involved in training for 17 years. 

This talk is unique because Jonathan shares his own personal touching life stories and it is effective because he relates real life examples as he is personally involved in the development and motivation of his own three children, two in secondary schools and one in primary school. 

His talk is enlightening, eye-opening and life-changing. It was originally meant for selected schools through personal connections. Through popular demand, it was then made available to other schools. Since 1998, this programme has benefited thousands of students in both the prirmay and secondary schools. The principals, teachers and students in those schools have always found the talks truly motivating and greatly beneficial. References of the schools shall be furnished upon individual request through e-mail sent to

This motivational talk is not intended to replace the role of the teachers. In fact, it serves to complement and reinforce what the teachers have been doing in their respective classes. At the end of the motivational talk, the students will be able to:

  1. appreciate and treasure what they have in life,

  2. realise that success is a choice,

  3. understand what it takes to be successful in everything they do,

  4. know the simple strategies to do well in studies, and

  5. continue to do well in life.  

What Some School Principals Said ...

(Comments below are reproduced verbatim from the letter and e-mail from the school principals)

" ....I viewed your Powerpoint slides and they are fantastic. The teachers were very impressed with your talk. It was very clever of you to make use of the word STREAMING for your talk. They were singing praises about you . Children's feedback were very good, too." .... Principal, Primary School

"I would like to express my sincere appreciation to you for the very inspiring motivational talk that you conducted for our secondary one students. Received very positive feedback from the pupils. I am sure the values and true life story of yours would certainly inspire our pupils to do their best academically and in their chosen CCAs for the rest of their stay here in the school. Thank you once again." ... Principal, Secondary School

The Trainer ...

The trainer, Mr Jonathan Ooi, has been very actively involved with the parent support groups i(PSGs) in the schools since 1998. He is currently chairing two parent support groups in two schools, one in a primary school and the other in secondary. Through his interaction with many parents, he is keenly aware of the problems facing the students nowadays. Students basically are good at the hows but not the whys! That's where Jonathan is able to complement the teachers to let them see the whys. 

Jonathan is also involved in education in many other ways, directly and indirectly related to the overall well-being of the students. He has been invited to some feedback sessions with the MOE and he has contributed articles on education in the local press. He is also the Principal of the Sunday School in his church with students from age 4 to 92. You can be assured that he knows the uniquely common problems facing the students in schools and how the students can be motivated to perform to their highest potentials.

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Reservation of Dates ...

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