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(a.k.a Swietenia Mahogany Fruit, Sky-pointing Fruit or Bitter Seeds)



Pictures from left to right: 1. Swietenia Mahogany King Fruit (Sky-pointing Fruit) as seen on the tree. 2. Swietenia Mahogany King Seeds. 3. Swietenia Mahogany Extract in Vegetable Capsules.

Special Note:

Each vegetable capsule of Naturo Natural-Health contains 400mg Swietenia Mahogany Extract (7:1 concentration). 60 Vegetable Capsules per bottle. The seeds are extremely bitter. Hence, most customers prefer the Extract in Vegetable Capsules which is not bitter and more easily absorbed. No additives. No preservatives.


Swietenia Mahogany plants are largely found in tropical areas in the South Pacific, especially in the Solomon Islands, the least polluted, cleanest natural environment of the South Pacific Ocean. It was discovered by the natives that the seeds of the fruit (commonly called Sky-pointing Fruit) contain healing properties and the Swietenia Mahogany King seeds have been consumed by the natives for more than a thousand years. Swietenia Mahogany plant is considered the "Queen of Plants" and the knowledge of its healing properties has been passed down through generations.

Some HEALTH PROPERTIES of Swietenia Mahogany Extract / King Seed:

  • Swietenia Mahogany Fruit contains 33 types of FLAVONOIDS and 27 types of SAPONINS, much higher bioactive contents from similar plant family such as Ginseng.

  • Swietenia Mahogany Fruit contains various natural proteins, minerals, vitamins, enzymes, carbohydrates, essential fatty acids and other essential body nutrients.

  • Swietenia Mahogany Fruit is being used traditionally to maintain healthy circulatory functions, prevent fat build-up in the circulatory system, maintain healthy sugar level, maintain healthy heart functions, maintain a healthy immune system, prevent abnormal growth in the body and promote general good health naturally.

Naturo Natural-Health is manufactured only from premium quality and specially selected 100% natural organic Swietenia Mahogany King Seeds. It does not contain any chemical additives and is produced with high-tech sterilisation and has no harmful chemical side effects. Naturo Natural-Health - Swietenia Mahogany Extract is extracted and processed with advanced technology.

Naturo Natural-Health is made in Singapore under GMP manufacturer. Halal-Certified. Uses vegetable capsules. No additives and no preservatives.

Naturo Natural-Health is usually taken by people for maintaining healthy sugar level, maintaining healthy pressure in the circulatory system, maintaining healthy heart functions, preventing fat build-up and maintaining healthy skin conditions. It is also used for relieving fatigue and maintaining a healthy immune system.


Naturo Natural-Health is a traditional natural food. It is not intended as a medicine. Please consult a medical practitioner if symptoms persist. Pregnant and lactating women should seek medical advice before taking the product.

Natural-Health (King Seeds) Singapore International
One bottle (120 seeds):



One bottle (120 seeds):



Natural-Health (Extract) Singapore International
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One bottle (60 capsules):



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